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Animali (2020)

Wooden Legs make their comeback with their third studio album Animali. The Trieste-based Irish music band looks back in time, in a retrospect of their musical journey so far spread in 11 tracks with arrangements of traditional songs and original compositions.

Powerful rhythms and a more aggressive sound will surprise their listeners, who might be used to the folk character of their previous albums, reaffirming the band’s goal of making Extreme Irish Music. However, the band is still faithful to its research on traditional Irish instrumental tunes and ballads.
The album features old band members as well as a couple of new arrivals. Giovanni Settimo is on guitar and vocals, Alice Porro on flutes, Sebastiano Frattini on violin, Michele Blasina on bass guitar, Anselmo Luisi on drums and percussions with the precious participation of Marko Jugovic. Recorded at Jork Studio, Slovenia Animali also contains an original song written by the Triestin composer Davide Coppola and artworks by graphic designer Blaž Kemperle.

Direct and sincere, like the gaze of the animals on its cover, Animali wants to hit your ears with fresh, instinctive sounds that might not be tender or reassuring but will definitely feel you with some animal energy.

What are you looking for? (2015)

1. Helmet On The Ground
2. Follow Me up to Carlow
3. What Are You Looking for, My Friend?
4. 1000 Guns for 1000 Men
5. A Light in the Night
6. The Village Fair
7. Festival Day
8. Kid on the Mountain
9. Dancing in the Mud
10. Gronte

If it doesn’t last forever (2011)

1. Pride of Pimlico
2. David & Goliath
3. Alice (feat. Dorina)
4. Great Spirit
5. Irlandish
6. Hot Asphalt
7. Horizon
8. Metallo 3
9. Join the British Army
10. Women of Ireland